And now…

First, for my reader (note the lack of plural ;), which is fine because I’m writing this to keep myself accountable and any readers/input from y’all is just a bonus), I have/had pneumonia, and I still feel like my brain is scrambled and my body battered.  The making is helping me be okay with my abilit-SQUIRREL attention-span issues and also keeping me from trying to fix all the cleanliness/3 kids, 2 adults, plus pets mess that has accumulated since I began falling ill.  Thank goodness for my in-home help (especially my husband!).

Anyhoo, I would like to introduce you to my works in progress and explore my thinking and learning process.  First up is my Reverse Applique Skirt, which I first found on the Sew, Mama, Sew website.  It is an excellent resource, including over 400 tutorials; frequent free patterns from designers, authors, bloggers, and sewing experts; features like curated favorite indie patterns and mini-lessons taken from every chapter in a new book on modern quilting; and free fabric Fridays (and other giveaways)!  The skirt pattern and an introduction by its designer is from Improv Sewing, a great book written by Nicole Blum and Debra Immergut and published by Storey Publishing (which I love so much that it has its own tag in my Pocket account).  The authors also have some intriguing classes on Creativebug, which I will take as soon as I know I have enough time to make the best use of my free 14-day trial.  😀 

Here are the pictures I’ve taken while working on it:







And now…

(dramatic pause)


The plan moving forward:

  • Add in some more reverse applique
  • Cut additional side panels out of the pink striped and black fabric and arrange them attractively
  • Potentially draft a way to make the skirt flare toward the hem
  • Resew it all with more consistency in seam allowance (no, I still cannot sew a straight line, even with the walking foot AND my super-awesome knitting chart tape guide), a waistband panel, and some sort of hem finish (twin needle & straight stitch with super-bright pink thread?)

Erin’s Fun Time Whatnot Notes

The machine is fine.  I took her to a Janome dealer in my area, and it was just holding 2 pieces of the frame together (?!?). 
The documentary on the iPad screen is called The March, and it’s about the march on Washington, DC, in the leadup to the passing of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.  Martin Luther King, Jr – what an inspiring speaker, leader, and thinker.  I obviously have held this belief for much of my life, like most Americans and others, but it is richly strengthened by every piece of media that is released and illuminates the man behind the holiday for those of us too young to have experienced his work.


2 thoughts on “And now…”

  1. You can officially add that “s” to “readers! I’ve added you to my Feedly. I love the colours you’ve used on your reverse applique! Have you decide how many motifs your’ll do on the skirt, or will you decide as you go? Hope you are feeling better from the pnemonia by now! 🙂

    1. Thanks! Unfortunately, the pneumonia is healed, but my lungs are not. I ended up in Urgent Care yesterday with “acute bronchitis and asthma exacerbation.” I am pretty used to October illness with the changing temps, and unfortunately as it has gotten worse, I really can’t even tolerate temps below 40-50°F. It works very well for the Wisconsin winters. :\

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